Funny Bubble Maker Music Crab Alex and Gaby Toys
Alex and Gaby Toys Funny Bubble Maker Music Crab front view
Funny Bubble Maker Music Crab installation on the back Alex and Gaby Toys
Funny Bubble Maker Music Crab filling with bubble mix Alex and Gaby Toys

Funny Bubble Maker Music Crab

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Moms and dads, let's make a playground in your bathroom with this awesome crab bubble maker! Funny and cute crab shape will delight kids of all ages, make them feel more happy and excited.
Made of high quality plastic material, strong, non-toxic and durable, safe for your children to use.
Third gear design, one for bubble device and music start simultaneously, second for music stop, third for bubble device stops.
With three suction cups, it can be securely attached to any smooth surface, such as wall, glass, window, ceramic tile, etc.
Ideal for celebrate birthday parties, play-dates, weddings, baby showers, and many more events.


Why will your kids love it:

- It will be a great amusement during their bath time

- Music and bubbles mode is a great feature and a win-win situation for parents and kids

- We all just loved bubbles as kids, didn't we? :-)


Power Supply: 2 x AA batteries (Not included)

1. Place the nozzle in the fixed position of the bubble maker.
2. Pour 5-30 ml of shower gel into the container, pour in water, and stir until the shower gel dissolves.
3. Stick it on a smooth wall.
4. Press the switch to play.

1 x Bubble Maker
1 x User Manual

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